Monday, November 9, 2009

Slouching Toward Sweden

Observations from A Swedish Resident on Socialist Society

Saturday I listened to an interview with Swedish Pastor Gary Johnson, an American who leads a congregation there. His observations on life in a socialist 'paradise' are worth noting as America begins her slide toward that way of life.

Johnson's initial observation was that Sweden was clean and well cared for. The minutest details are cared for by the state and there are plenty of people to put to work keeping things straight. His neighborhood on first appearance seems well-kept and wonderful. What you don't see is the eleven neighbors who have committed suicide this past year, reflective of the Swede's high national rate. Life in paradise is troubled beneath the surface.

Healthcare is 'free' in Sweden. But I must explain to you how it can be 'free.' Swedish workers have 33% of their salary taken by the government right out of their paychecks. Employers must match this with a 30% 'contribution.' Out of this 63% garnishment the government provides such services as healthcare. Every WORKER pays. The unemployed and children are actually covered out of these funds as well.

When Johnson's wife opted to stay at home with the children recently she was bucking the national norm. It is expected that both parents work and send their children to government run daycare. Johnson states: "Socialism works when both parents go out the door." The government takes that 63% out of BOTH paychecks!

The government provides 'free' healthcare, dental services, and elementary education. 'Dangerous' homeschoolers take note: The Government TELLS you where your children will go to school. They tell you when your children will be seen by the dentist, etc. Miss an appointment and you are in violation of the law! Don't want your kids to have H1N1 vaccine, tough!

The family is no longer the basic unit of society in a socialist paradise. The STATE is a higher authority over children than the parents. Johnson goes on to make the point that Socialism is far more than just an economic theory, it is about how society is structured and it centers on the individual's relationship to the state, not family.

Swedish doctors, it must be pointed out, are not all that well compensated. There is a 'doctor drain' as the best of them seek employment in other countries. ht/Moneylife

Correction: Joy writes:

"The only thing I would disagree with about your latest blog is that America began her slide into socialism long time ago. Thanks for the information about Sweden. I posted it on my page."

This is all too true. Names like Dewey and Baldwin come to mind, just for starters. Joy, I guess you could say the slide began a long time ago. The blind flying leap into Socialism is rapidly gaining momentum...

"The most terrifying words in the English language are, I'm from the government and I am here to help." -- Ronald Reagan

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