Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving Around the World

A Day Shared with Family and Friends, Some Far Away

Bradford Pear leaves on Thanksgiving day.

This morning I received an email greeting from missionary friends who live in India near the Nepal border. While I was writing back I thought of another couple serving G-d in Chaingmai, Thailand. I decided to share with them some details of our Thanksgiving eve service that might be a blessing.

Several folks had shared how they had learned to be grateful in the hard times as well as the good. One of our former youth... now a youth Pastor in Lexington, North Carolina, gave the meditation. Thanksgiving, he pointed out, is the natural outpouring of a heart that is filled with G-d's love.

Lynn Had Shared These Thoughts from Chris Klicka [click to read] in her blog and they fit right in with what we were sharing.

We had a nice dinner with family. Gratitude is one celebration we cannot have enough of.

More Great thanksgiving Stories [click to read] from the Richmond Times-Dispatch.

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